Atelier Nou de Arhitectura 22 is a company that provides specialized design and engineering services, with a portfolio of projects covering the entire range of architecture programs: Rehabilitation Old Buildings; Functional Conversions; Houses and Residential Buildings; Educational and Research Facilities: Schools, Colleges and universities, Laboratories, Libraries; Office Buildings, Multipurpose Buildings; Arcades: Transparent roofs and canopies, Glazed arcades; Retail outlets: Shops, Food courts, Department stores and supermarkets, Supermarkets/hypermarkets; Industrial Buildings; Agricultural Buildings; Garages and car-parking, Gas stations; Restaurants; Hotels; Theatres/Cinemas; Sport and Recreation: Stadiums, Sport halls, Tennis facilities, Indoor swimming pools; Healthcare Buildings: Hospitals, Clinics
What we do:
experience in developing public interest (urban centers, multifunctional design) in civil development (single-family residential and collectively, offices, retail, education, health, churches, sports and recreation); the Industrial Development Department (logistics centers); experience in tracking site works with surfaces 500-200 000 sqm.
analysis solutions, analysis of indicators and their compliance with the requirements of the beneficiary; drawing up general plans and illustrations of the theme; coordination networks and to define requirements for utilities; traffic studies, site surveys, visibility, volumetric studies; - PUD or PUZ drafting documentation certified by RUR architects; support at the advising committee.
full service architectural design, experience in architectural programs: residential, offices, health, sports and leisure, commercial, industrial; dynamic team with possibility to achieve large scale and complex projects; 3D presentations, simulations, images and video, promotional brochures and catalogs; solutions adapted to the requirements of beneficiary, flexibility and management changes, updates during the project; drafting documentation, support and obtaining all permits, approvals and agreements; technical design and execution details, specialties coordination, technical assistance and tracking the site; consultation on choosing suppliers and materials; documentation for construction book; actual stage building projects and checking quantities actually executed.
structural designs for various construction systems: steel structures, reinforced concrete, prefabricated, wood; solutions that fit the budget and performance required by the Employer; - technical expertise and solutions to consolidations or changes existing structures; technical assistance and consultation during execution.
projects: ventilation and air conditioning; heating systems; plumbing and fire protection action; performance and productivity corelated to concern for the environment; application of modern technological knowledge; energy management daily / weekly / monthly / yearly; test - operation, commissioning and maintenance of cooling water systems and freon; complex air handling systems, smoke evacuation and protection of escape routes; precision cooling for server rooms; hot water heating systems; thermal networks interior and exterior; residential and industrial boilers; differential pressure; systems for hot and cold water consumption; sewerage systems and wastewater and rain; stations and water treatment technology; fire fighting; hydrant installations interior and exterior; sprinkler systems and drenchers.
strong currents distribution systems; earthing and lightning protection systems; drives, protection and control; auxiliary power systems (generators and UPS systems); normal lighting, safety, architectural; low current systems: sound; CATV; voice and data; CCTV & security intrusion; door access control & monitoring;
fire detection and alarm systems; telephone systems and evacuation in case of fire; systems management: BMS - system intelligent building management; power and automation panels; energy metering.
design road systems, vertical systematization precincts green spaces, take over stormwater systems on the ground; traffic projects, obtaining approvals and supports in front of commission; conceptual design and coordination.